Horizontal steel tanks

The horizontal tanks
The horizontal tanks are used to store petroleum products (oil, gasoline, fuel oil, diesel fuel, bitumen, fuels and lubricants, etc.), water and other liquids at oil refineries, oil depots, and gas stations and at chemical enterprises constructed for the various chemicals storing. The horizontal tanks can also be used as fire tanks. The horizontal tanks can be made of stainless steel that is an environmentally friendly material which makes it possible to use containers for the drinking or the industrial water storing.
Features of the horizontal steel tanks
  • The possibility of installation in the seismic zones.
  • The ability to install underground tanks
  • The possibility of setting multi-chamber containers (for simultaneous storage of several types of liquids
  • Protection against climatic effects and other external factors (for installing an underground type tank)

Scopes of the horizontal steel tanks

  • Food industry
  • Fuel and energy facilities
  • Storage facilities
  • Oil store
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Fire stations
  • Construction