Our history

History of "Reservoir and Metal Construction" LLC

  • Сумгаитская мастерская монтажных заготовок (СММЗ) треста «Азнефтехиммонтаж»
    Азербайджанской ССР from 1965 to 01.01.1969;

  • The name of the establishment from the date 01.01.1969 to 31.12.1987: Sumgayit installation supply plant attached to the trust "Azneftkimyaqurashdırma" Сумгаитский завод монтажных заготовок треста «Азнефтехиммонтаж»

  • Since the date 01.01.1988: "Sumgayit- Metal- Construction" plant attached to "AzQualified Construction-Installation" (Сумгаитский завод завод металлоконструкций «Азможнтажспецстроя») - (According to an order by the Ministry of AzUSSR Qualified Construction-Installation #284 dated 28.12.1987);

  • Since the date 01.10.1991: "Sumgayit metal-construction" plant attached to the "AzGUR" Shareholder Firm (related to the re-organization of "AzQualified Construction-Installation");

  • Since the date 01.04.1998: "Sumgayit-Metal-Construction" Open Joint-Stock Company (According to the Decree by the State Property Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan #450 dated 23.03.1998);

  • A new enterprise - "Reservoir and Metal Construction" Limited Liability Company was established as a result of the division of "Sumgayit-Metal-Construction" OJSC. Protocol of the meeting of Founders dated 10.08.2007, order #04/k dated 30.08.2007.