Role method

Roll method
The main point of this method of VST tank production  is as follows:  Steel sheets of modular dimensions 1500 x 6000 mm are taken and subjected to an automatic equipment welding into the strips of the required sizes and are folded onto special devices that ensure their movement and transportation. The length of the rolls is 18 m, and the weight depends on the carrying capacity of the rolling stock. 
Devices that are assorted parts of the procurement.
The production of reservoir steel structures has a number of main advantages:

  • Reduction in the volume of welding work at the installation site by an average of 80%;
  • High quality welds ensured by the use of 2-sided automatic welding at the factory;
  • The lowest installation time is reduced by 3-4 times compared with the classical system of oil tank producing from the welded sheets.

The technological process of manufacturing rolls consists of three stages

The 1st stage of VST tanks production :
  • Development of design and technological documentation;
  • Preparation and processing of individual sheet parts.

The 2st stage of VST tanks production :

  • Sheet editing in a sheet levelling machine;
  • The control of the surface quality and geometric dimensions of sheets;
  • Accumulation and formation of sheets;
  • Processing of the longitudinal and transverse edges on a longitudinal milling and face milling machines;
  • Completing in accordance with the technology of assembling panels on roll stands.

The 3st stage of VST tanks production :

The third stage of the reservoir steel structures construction is carried out at the roll stand which consists of assembly and welding sites that are upper and lower tiers, a tilting drum and a folding device. The steel sheet is laid out and assembled in the upper tier of the assembly and welding site, then the transverse and longitudinal joints are automatically welded. The blade is rewound through a tilting drum and a secondary seam is welded on the lower tier.At the same stage of fuel tanks construction, X-ray inspection of welded joints is carried out.
Folding the panels is done on a special frame or shaft ladder. Each sheet in a roll is fixed to avoid an arbitrary deployment. Roof details are cut on guillotine shears with press shears and stamped on presses. Roof parts are assembled into shields in stocks, and packages that are ready to be shipped are formed from shields. The final stage is usually the dispatch of the finished products to the customer by rail. VST INSTALLATION is made by a roll method,
Services for the delivery and installation of th tank include:

  • delivery
  • development of PPR;
  • hydro testing
  • other works on the installation of VST.

Installation is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • the roll rises in a vertical position and the panels unfold;
  • end sections are shaped;
  • joints are assembled

While assembling a fixed roof, a central pillar is used, or it is assembled from above or from inside the tank. When assembling a floating roof, the tank is first checked out for any leaks and then mounted on the bottom.
While installing the bottom, special attention is paid to the motionlessness of the foundation and the preservation of the waterproofing layer from loads