Bridge metal structures
RMK manufactures various metal structures for the bridge construction. We offer our customers a complete production cycle from the designing of drawings and projects to the product corrosion protection. We produce standard products in accordance with the standards or the individual projects. Our factory has all the necessary equipment and qualified personnel for the production of joints and fasteners in any quantity.
Depending on the functional purpose bridges are divided into the following types:
  • The arched bridges.This is a cross-tie system in which a metal web is mounted above or below an arch or a semi-arch. Bridges of this type are often erected in cities on solid soils. Such designs can significantly save steel materials in comparison with other types, in particular ginder ones.
  • The flying bridge. Metal pylons are installed along the shores, and bridge fabric lies on the cables. Chains or cables stretched through them. Cross metal beams strengthen the bridge and make it more rigid.
  • Cable-stayed bridges.The same as flying bridges, there are additional metal supports attached only to the central part. .
  • The girder bridges.The metal spans of these bridges are formed from trusses and beams. The type of bridge is considered to be the most common among metal bridges. Spans of beam bridges can reach a length of 500 meters. The simple design greatly facilitates their installation.
  • The combined bridges.The beams and trusses in these bridges have a lower belt - an arch or a truss. Due to the ability to artificially regulate efforts in the elements of such structures, the cost of a construction is significantly reduced.
  • The pontoon bridges.Bridges of this type are held afloat due to hollow cylindrical metal pontoons. By analogy floating metal structures for marinas are built.

Features of metal bridges
  • The design of metal bridges can be divided into separate segments.
  • Metal bridge structures are made with the utmost precise observance of industrial standards.
  • The segments of the bridge structures can be set on site and preliminary.
  • Knowing the carrying capacity of transport and crane equipment, you can pre-adjust the weight of the blocks of metal structures. Same can be applied to the dimensions.
  • Mounting blocks of metal bridges are relatively lightweight which significantly reduces the cost of transportation and installation.

The advantages of metal bridges over others
  • Metal bridge setting is more profitable in comparison to others made of short-lived materials: they are stronger and more durable,and it can take much less time to build them.
  • Bridges from steel structures are protected from corrosion by a special coating or paint which can be optionally updated